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Hunger on the Go

Everyone is busy. From work and family to all the errands that keep life moving, the world won’t stop to let you whip up a meal every time hunger pangs hit. But grabbing a quick bite on the go doesn’t have to derail your goals! With a little thought and planning, you can take charge of your eating — even when your to-do list throws you a curveball.

Have an Emergency Snack Pack

Carry a supply of go-to foods like nuts, protein bars, and even dried fruit (much better than a candy bar!) so hunger never catches you flat-footed. It’s smart to pick snacks that store well and won’t melt in a glove box when those summer temperatures heat up.

Snack Before You Go

Before you rush out the door, eat a light snack so you don’t find yourself staring longingly at whatever the vending machine has to offer. And, you might find that you have more energy than trying to get your errands done on an empty stomach!

Make Smart Choices

If you’re traveling long-distance, there’ll definitely be times when you’re stuck without a snack. Instead of giving in to the nearest temptation, scan your surroundings and make smart eating choices whenever you’re away from home.

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