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How to Tell : Cold or Flu?

October to March is recognized as flu season and it is important to recognize the symptoms. Here are some great questions that can help you identify if you or your child has the flu or a cold:

- How quickly did the illness appear? Sudden (flu) or Slow (cold)?

- Does your child have a fever? High fever (flu) versus mild or none (cold)?

- How exhausted is your child? Severe (flu) or Mild (cold)?

- How is your child's head? Achy (flu) or headache free (cold)?

- Does your child have chills? Yes (flu) or No (cold)?

Answering yes to these questions may indicate that you have the flu. However, it is always best to contact your healthcare provider so they can provide you with the most accurate information about what will make you healthier, quicker! 

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