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FMC Flu Fighters: Using Quadrivalent Vaccinations for Comprehensive Protection

At Family Medicine Centers, we seek to provide the highest level of care to our patients - just like family! Which is why, this year we are offering quadrivalent influenza vaccinations at all Family Medicine Center and CareXpress clinics. There are various types, or also referred to as strains, of the flu people can contract. By using quadrivalent vaccinations, Family Medicine Centers seeks to provide more comprehensive flu coverage.

For many years, the only vaccination available has been trivalent which prevents three types of flu virus. This left people vulnerable to a fourth very common strain. With the development of quadrivalent vaccinations, healthcare providers can supply a prevention solution for the four most common flu viruses. No vaccination can guarantee a flu free winter, but by adding protection against another influenza strain, the body can prepare more thoroughly for the variation of viruses. 

There are different types of quadrivalent vaccines and some are approved for children as young as six months and others for children three years of age and up. This does include a nasal spray, or mist that many patients prefer, though there is no proof that spray or shot is more effective. There are many options for flu vaccination, so always consult your physician, especially regarding food allergies and medications, to determine your suitability for vaccines.

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