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Dr. Nickens' 5 Tips for Starting a Workout Routine

Tip 1 — Start Slow

Weight loss and healthy living isn’t a race, it’s a journey. Build your workouts over time, without trying to overload yourself right from the beginning.

Tip 2 — Have a Go-To Gym Bag

Having a go-to gym bag that’s filled with your workout staples will help keep you motivated. Keep your bag at the ready, and in time it just might end up being your most trusted workout buddy.

Tip 3 — Ask For Help

There’s no shame in working to improve yourself. And, believe it or not, the gym is a terrific place to run into tons of sympathetic people who totally get that. Whether you’re confused by a piece of gym equipment or just curious about that weird-looking hot yoga class on the bulletin board, asking for help is always a good call.

Tip 4 — Don’t Be Gross

Wipe down your gym equipment. You don’t have to be a gym veteran to model this bit of good behavior, so keep that towel at the ready while you’re out on the floor. Your fellow gym members will be grateful.

Tip 5 — Bring A Snack

You’ll be placing new demands on your muscles that may have them crying out for an assist, that’s why it’s always a good idea to keep a healthy snack or two tucked away in your gym bag (See? Tip 2 is already coming in handy!)

Just be practical: I suggest things like protein bars, nuts, and other portable, melt-resistant foods that do well in a bag until it’s go time.

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